Tempest API for all public Tempest Stations

I was hoping to create a web application that used data from public Tempest stations as seen here: Tempest Station Map

I checked the js code of that map and while there is a way I could clober together code with an API Auth token, I was hoping there was an official Tempest API/endpoint I could use ala the official REST Tempest API.

On a side note, I saw something someone create their own map, which I can not link as a new user, but did not cover all stations like the official tempestwx map did so did not want to learn from their code unless necessary

There is no public API at this time. I wish there was.

Am I able to work around it by using the endpoint that the Tempest Station Map I linked uses, but with my own token or something of the sort? Especially considering there is no required login to view the map.

Is there any future plans to have public Stations be integrated to API?

What I’ve heard is that when people make their weather station public, it’s only given permission to be public on the WeatherFlow websites. In order for it to be public elsewhere, it needs to be approved by the owner of that device using a token. They have a public token however they are removing that. Maybe weatherflow needs an opt in/out for 3rd parties.

Here is some info on it… Should API key: 20c70eae-e62f-4d3b-b3a4-8586e90f3ac8 give access to any station's public data?

Hi @kylegreenf, there is a public facing API that allows access to data from Tempest stations. You already linked to it: the official REST Tempest API

However, as per the WeatherFlow Remote Data Access Policy, access to the data is restricted to stations you personally own. If you wish to access data from public third-party stations that you do not own, then you will need to contact WeatherFlow to discuss Enterprise Level access. It is likely that this will cost $$ (note I do not speak officially for WeatherFlow).

Metadata (i.e. location) for all public stations is available without Enterprise Level access, however there is no public facing API that gives location information for all public Tempest stations in a single request.


Thanks, Peter. Your answers are 100% accurate. To summarize “offiically”:

  • Tempest owners have unlimited access to all information in our API for their location, for any non-commercial use.
  • Access to all Tempest System data is available to the operational and research meteorological organizations community, including NOAA/NWS and other national met agencies.
  • Access to the Tempest API for general commercial use is available for most use cases, with licensing plans as low as $100 per month.

@kylegreenf, please share your web app idea - we are very open to working together to do cool stuff with Tempest system data. Anyone with a cool idea should feel free to share it here on the forum, or contact us directly.

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