Tempest Hub Power Bank Solar Panel Power

I’d like to have my Tempest Hub powered by a Solar panel, with the solar panel supplying power to the Hub Power Bank. I need to move the Hub out of reach of 110v power to get better RSSI values. I can’t move the Tempest sensor because I want optimum wind position.

Does anyone have any recommendations for solar panels for this project? I know they should have a 5v output but how much current (watts) should I be looking for? Ideally it should have a mounting gimble attached.

Will the pass-through feature of the power bank be a problem as the sun comes up and goes down, or clouds pass overhead?

Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.

the pass-through is a feature that allows the powerbank to power other devices while it is being charged. So you would actually need it. If you live in an area with long periods of dull grey days, you would need a panel that also is capable of charging the powerbank when there is no direct sunlight. You have to prepare for the minimum, which probably means a bigger solar panel. How big? I don’t know. One of those powerbanks with build in solar panel probably won’t cut it.

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Perhaps buy a kill-a-watt meter and measure your usage ???

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The current hub may be slightly different to the original hub and the readings on our usb meters have returned slightly different results. So if you use search on this forum for ‘hub usb’ or similar you will find this discussed in several topics. This comment probably shows your answer:

Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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You could likely just get a 12V battery and a 12V solar maintainer kit, then use an inexpensive 12 to 5V buck converter to power the hub. Kit and converter less than $60. Just add the appropriate battery and enclosure.


I can confirm that one of my remote hubs is powered from a 12V supply using a 5V buck converter successfully. The buck converter came with 2 usb sockets which I simply plug the hub into. I use a 12v supply because then any voltage drop in the long wire is not an issue as the buck converter sets the voltage.


Thanks for the suggestion. I may have to go to the 12v panel but I am trying to keep the system with a smaller footprint and less expensive. I’m concerned about the wind load to the 1" steel pipe I am using as a pole for the device.

What are the brand names and part numbers of your solar panel and buck converter and where did you buy them?

I’d like a little help understanding how solar panels and the Tempest Hub Power Bank (HPB) work. I’d like to power the HPB using a solar panel instead of 110v power, which will then supply power to the Tempest Hub.

I’m using a 6 volt solar panel going to a 5 volt Buck power controller, which then goes to the HPB. The system worked during the early trials, including seeming to cause the HPB to power the Hub when the solar panel is covered blocking out the sun. However when I let it run into the late evening the Hub stopped working. I don’t understand what is going on with this system and would like some opinions.

First, I measured the voltage and current in several junctions going from the solar panel to the Hub while the Hub was working properly. The power coming off the solar cell was 5.9v and 0.48 amps. The power coming out of the Buck controller was 4.94v and 0.09 amps The HPB output was 4.89v and 0.11 amps. Disconnecting the Buck Converter output leaving the system powered only by the HPB, the power measured coming out of the HPB was 5.05v and 0.09 amps. Tempest UV was about 3.0.

Is there something I don’t understand about the HPB and its pass through feature?

Does the solar panel and/or the Buck controller turn into a load, taking power from the HPB when there is no sun?

Do I really need the Buck Controller in the system, especially when I use my alternate 5 volt solar panel?

Can I plug the solar panel output directly into the HPB (omitting the Buck controller), either the 5v panel or the 6v panel, without damaging the HPB or the Hub?

Your thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated.

I did as Vince suggested and it worked very well, very helpfull.

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