Tempest losing charge & connection

Hi new here, we took delivery of our Tempest 7/16/2020 & it seemed to hook up & run fine until recently. It has lost connection 2 times & is currently reporting offline as I post this & the battery voltage is only showing 2.33 volts wheras it was previously a constant 2.44 volts. My Tempest is mounted in an open area no further than 25’ from my house about 14’ high on a 4X4 post & we have no trees nearby to hinder sunshine to the solar panels. No good reason the battery should be LOW & I have a feeling this low battery is causing the problems.

I did the reset on the hub & weather station earlier today & everything seemed to straighten out but it only stayed connected for 48 minutes & then had to do it again with no such luck this time. I currently have the station down & turned OFF with the solar panels collecting power in hopes the battery charges enough to reset everything again.

Station ID 23958

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