Tempest Weather Station Map available on "home" screen in iOS app

Seems like such an obvious feature, maybe I am missing it. Can Weather Station Map (https://tempestwx.com/map/23906/40.9467/-73.8382/11) be accessed easily from the main screen on the app? Currently you dig into a menu or two and then get to the US wide map, which is fairly useless.

In addition, would be great to integrate info on radar, satellite and other things from another service so that the Tempest map obviates the need for using Weather Underground or similar. Since hour by hour forecast is in Tempest already, I am assuming they must have access to real time info like radar/satellite.

I agree…these ideas would be much, much more helpful.

I think what’s really being asked for here is an iOS widget. I would LOVE to see that!

Agreed on the map. Better yet use Location Services (with permission) to hone in and show the closest public stations, so that we can still ‘support’ the Tempest, even if not our own.

Totally agree - we need this!