Test Data (websocket?)

Is there a trove of exhaustive test data out there?

I’m getting the following off a websocket for lightning:

  "serial_number": "ST-00081234",
  "type": "evt_strike",
  "hub_sn": "HB-00061234",
  "evt": [
  "source": "enhanced",
  "device_id": 392412

But this doesn’t “seem” to match what I expect

The QuickStart says we have this

And the other API docs say we have this:

Fine - I have these fields - but there are other fields that show up in the messages … and I’m trying to see if there is a list somewhere of what they are. I’d like to have an exhaustive websocket lib that gets everything.

I just kind of catch issues with my parsing - throw the files into a test fixture and refine.

A similar question was unanswered two years ago - Lightning Strike Event [type = evt_strike] - What is the unit for Energy? - #7 by amin

I thought that was answered somewhere. There is no unit for energy it just is a number

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I’m afraid you are not going to find what you are looking for. The API docs only document the fields that are supported for third-party access. The other “undocumented” fields are either used to support WF’s own apps (they don’t use a separate API), are for testing, or are experimental features that may disappear at any point. Sometimes us users can deduce what a value may be, and can choose to use it if we wish, but it is at risk of being removed from the API at any point

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Suggest you code to the published public interface ‘and’ have your code defend itself against unexpected extra input like any good program should be coded to do.