Thunderstorm where

I m not sure this is asked before but does the sky indicitate if the lightning is north south etc of the station?

It does not. The sensor does not have that capability.

Ok thanks thats a pity

With other stations at appropriate distances it should be possible to determine the location of the strike. Let’s hope WeatherFlow sells thousands and can create a network capable of such data.

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Yes in that case we can track The thunderstorms:sunglasses:

you can use
no need to re invent the wheel
re knowing where the thunderstorm is

Your Air module though can alert you that there is a thunderstorm getting close etc
i.e a local alert, which is cool

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It’s actually possible to do it now if there are enough stations in your area. When your station detects lightning you can check the other stations and determine the direction and distance. This is easy to do with a script.

Yes i know blitzortnung but it should beterschap nice to have the info on my website without scraping blitzortnung well wel see what the future brings. I cant see how many airs are coming to the Netherlands link is broken in Gary s site

weatherflow would need to have a GPS to get an accurate time stamp
so it could then triangulate i.e time of arrival (TOA)

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Yep your right maybe i can find out smering in the future if thee aren more nearby stations

WeatherFlow knows the location of the station. That’s how I am able to build a the Map.

Why do you think the link is broken?

so the hub has a built in GPS?
are you sure the location is not from when a person sets up initially with the app and they set their location through that?
(being inside , its not going to be able to see satellites very well)

What difference does it make how the station gets its location as long as the location is stored?

because to triangulate a strike you need to know time of arrival which needs a very accurate time stamp, which only a GPS can provide

WeatherFlow knows the time of arrival. It’s timestamped when the strike happens.

yes, but, that is likely from a time it gets from a connection to its servers or the internet or similar
its not going to be as accurate as a time stamp from a gps time that is linked directly in hardware to the chip that detects the lightning strike (i.e you would need a gps in the SKY unit ), as it needs to be very precise time

We’re talking a $200 station. No one expects it to be that accurate. He just wants a general idea where the strike occurred. After all the distance isn’t accurate either.

Besides, the Hub has a pretty accurate built in clock.

Now, back to your query. Netherlands currently has only 22 stations so it’s doubtful there will be enough stations in the near future.

The question, is there a service available that one can send a location to and get a direction and distance to the last strike?

now it works i had a page not found on my phone atm on my tablet it works fine well 22 isnt bad for nl its a small country