Translation into French language

Have you foreseen the possibility of choosing the language for the API?

If you wish, I can translate the French language
just send me the word file in English

Translation will be done in due time. WF is first solving all the technical problems and the calibration.

Once the translation venture starts, they’ll come and ask our help.



Thank you for your prompt response

do not hesitate to send me the english version for the translations when you will be on this improvement

for the moment very satisfied with this station with very accurate readings (identical to my VP2)


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@eric @pncatte - I already offered my help to translate to German, Danish and Norwegian. Got a similar answer from WF :slight_smile: Rome wasn’t built in one day either … Best regards from Denmark


Hello Eric,

I can translate the words that are used in the TEMPEST app for you
do not hesitate to send me the list and I will return it to you translated into French:
Genre: | Humidity | Humidity |
| Solar | Solar |
| Heatindex | Heat index |
| Wet Bulb | Humidex |
Or other format
This will allow Francophones to have an interface in their mother tongue