Transparent display for weatherflow

I wish I could find a transparent 7" oled display. like this, but smaller. If anyone comes across one please let me know.


Or build something like this on your own.

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I have seen those as well. but had forgotten about them. They also look very cool.

Want to build one minus the mirror. More of a display to show things like the weather, security cameras, home automation. Almost something like the Home Assistant

perhaps you guys might ask on the home assistant Reddit group - as this really has nothing to do with Weatherflow specifically…


@digiital without the mirror, it is just a normal screen.
@vinceskahan I like my gadgets to look really cool. For one I mounted my sky on an acrylic pole. That looks super cool (I’ve posted a picture in the sky photo thread). Now I’m thinking of making a very cool looking display for weatherflow, not just an ordinary screen. It has nothing to do with home assistant.

understood - but again, your question has ‘nothing’ to do with WF at all.

You’re looking for a transparent screen ala a Raspi Mirror2 setup without the mirror, just transparent. There are ‘dozens and dozens’ of similar projects and posts and ‘years’ of history on the /r/pi and /r/homeassistant and other reddit forums with ‘thousands’ of users. Ask there and you’ll likely get your answer.

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