UDP API version to use?

Given that v91 of the firmware is being pushed out according to other threads here, is https://weatherflow.github.io/SmartWeather/api/udp/v91/ now the API version to use ? Will the new units in transit that will be coming on line in the next week or so be arriving with v91 or v47 ? Will we automagically get updated if needed ?

Most probably the hub still has an older firmware. And yes it should update to latest once it is online (or shortly after)

to be confirmed by @WFmarketing


There us only one API version.

However the data returned by the API will be determined by the data sent to WeatherFlow and then returned by the API.

Thus is a bigger concern to those that retrieve data via a web socket. The firmware version is particularly a concern to those that read data via UDP.

I’m not understanding that response at all…

https://weatherflow.github.io/SmartWeather/api/udp.html has two versions shown - one ‘release’ v47 and one ‘beta’ v91. I notice that the firmware seemingly has the same versions so I’m concluding that there should likely be some linkage between the versions of the two (???).

I see no versioning of the REST or Websocket APIs so I don’t know if that means one-size-fits-all or not. Can’t tell from the docs online. Regardless, I’m interested in the UDP API specifically at this time.

In short I’m going to fiddle with reading the UDP messages and seeding weewx, although initially I’ll probably just listen with node-red and play around with dashboards and perhaps seeding MQTT since that’s simpler to cook up.

So it’ll be similar to your downloader app and the weewx driver already out there notionally, but one of the reasons I ordered the WF gear was to try to write my own listener/driver/etc. using the UDP broadcasts, basically because it was there…

Go with whatever is the latest Hub firmware version. There has not yet been a single backwards compatibility issue with observation data to date that I can think of up until now, although the “fluff” data like hardware status packets sometimes change slightly. I have not noticed anything weird in weewx between Hub v47 and v91, but admittedly need to spend some quality time diffing the two sets of docs to see if there were critical changes that need to be made to the weewx driver…

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There is only the REST API. The web socket and UDP data don’t have an API as you can only subscribe or listen to fixed data .

In your case you want to use UDP documentation for firmware 80. All Hubs will be upgraded to version 91.

NOTE that 80 to 91 are the same. (I wish WeatherFlow had not published duplicate documents under different versions. It just causes confusion.)

By-the-way, if you have any questions about UDP data just ask. In happy to share ideas, code and formulas that I have.


great - thanks.

I was thinking of perhaps cooking up a simulator to send ever-changing broadcasts ala the weewx simulator driver. The UDP docs look straightforward enough at a quick glance.

I’ll probably have stuff up on a github repo if you care. PM me as needed :slight_smile:

Thats what I did when I was writing my UDP listener for the Sky before I had it - just set one of my Pi’s to send fake Sky data, so I could get the listener working properly :slight_smile: