UDP Station Status

I’ve noticed that the station status shows two rssi fields:

“serial_number”: “AR-00004049”,
“type”: “device_status”,
“hub_sn”: “HB-00000001”,
“timestamp”: 1510855923,
“uptime”: 2189,
“voltage”: 3.50,
“firmware_revision”: 17,
"rssi": -17,
** “hub_rssi”: -87**
“sensor_status”: 0,
“debug”: 0

Could someone clarify what those refer to specifically? Is it the RSSI of the wifi signal as seen from the hub, the RF signal of the station as seen from the hub, the hub’s RF signal as seen from the station? It’s not clear what these are specifically. I assume the units are in dBm?

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I think you’ll find the answer in this thread: