Unable to add keywords

As I remember I was able to add keywords to posts, even if they have not been already in the list , do new keywords.
Does the configuration has changed ?
Actually, I am only able to select keywords of the list of already defined ones.

To add a new keyword click on “optional tags” then click on “Search or create” and type in the new tag name.


Thanks Garry Dir the hint.

I know this was before.
Actually I see only the search command.
Maybe, as I was “upgraded” to the fieldtesters group I lost the privilege to create new keywords…
Or maybe it is related to the device or language of the front end?
But I’m shure I had the option and actually I haven’t…
Maybe a @moderators or @discourse can enlighten ?

P.S. How to direct a message to a group ? @moderators seems not to be the appropriate way…

Ah, that capability is controlled by your trust level which is automatically adjusted by Discourse.
You can read more about it here:


Thanks for the link,
Even as I could not read any word on the keyword topic, I just mentioned I lost the regular status somehow…

So the issue is solved for the moment.