What is "device_id", "id" & "station_id"?


Playing around with the websocket:


What is “device_id”, “id” & “station_id” ?

device_id = my AIR and Sky?

station_id = my “overall” Station?

id = ?

Also, any way to get all information from the Station, obs from AIR and SKY at the same time using websocket? It seems to be only SKY, or only AIR


id is user-defined… it’s like a token you pass to the Websocket, which it returns back to you with the response. A way for you to keep track of the requests and responses…


From the websocket, you device data, device status and hub status.

Thanks! that makes sense :slight_smile:


Sorry, don’t understand anything in that ?

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I am happy to help you with any questions. I can also send you samples of the packets that you will see.

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Thanks that is kind if you.

I have the websocket working but didn’t understand the difference between the 3 names.

I still don’t see how “From the websocket, you device data, device status and hub status” can answer my first question?

device_id = device data?
id = device status?
station_id = hub status?