Why so much field testing?

Here’s a great example why we’re going through so much field testing. Tester Sam B in Australia recently sent in this pic of his betaSKY device after being exposed to the harsh summer conditions with temps rising to 46C and UV 10+.


The cracked clear plastic ‘eyeball’ for the sun sensor was designed to meet spec provided by the sensor manufacturer. Apparently mother nature had other ideas. It’s awesome to realize these errors in testing, before we produce and ship 1000s of products to you folks.

Following this learning, we have changed to a totally different sensor chip and redesigned the ‘eyeball’ to a solid piece of teflon which should do a much better job standing up to extreme elements.


I’m looking forward to setting up a station in Saigon just so I can prove how miserably hot it is there. The UV is commonly 11+ and temperature is often 50C.


Wow. Luckily we don’t get these extreme temperatures and UV index over here in Holland.

Nice to hear that the final shots are given for the Sky to be released. :grinning:

Good field testing (of either hardware or software) often exposes problems that often can’t be anticipated in the lab or just simple testing in a known environment. Its a bit like weather forecasting. We know the major variables that influence weather in the short term, but stretch out that forecast very far, and its all the things we don’t know that gives us a totally different outcome.