Zoom levels on graphs don't show the same high (low too?) temps

Was just comparing the highs in the temp graphs and noticed that zoom level 4 doesn’t have the actually high temp. All the other zoom levels seem to work. It appears to be due to the time that’s being shown at that zoom level, but it seems that the high should always be visible regardless of how it falls. Particularly since it snaps to the given points, and there’s no way to check in between.

That’s how the graphing works. I’ll try to find the topic where this is explained and post the link for you to read.

the problem is that instead of averaging the measurements when you zoom out, it simply takes the nearest observation. Basically it shows you the temperature exactly at that time (3pm in your pictures), not the temperature at 3.30pm.
Not all data is stored at the servers. It’s explained here: Data archive buckets explained

It is my long standing grieve that the graph only shows 32 points at a time. All the modern screens can show way more data points. And for a big part of your graph it did store all the details and just should show them and let us zoom and scroll freely.