40mm Mast/Pipe Convertor - Thingiverse

My original mount was a carbon fibre panorama pole and i was worried about the conductivity in storms. I wanted a little more stability so went for a 40mm pvc pipe and i have up loaded an adapter to Thingiverse should anyone want to use it…



(upload://q02Ur5LRpFGHqtU4ypDgjOrRUNw.JPG) IMG_1146

I have not filled it with sand yet as its a first test but I can print an end cap and fill it as needs be.

It seems more stable than the carbon fibre version so far.



beware the length of the plastic pipe. Under stress it might break and if you fill it with sand, it just might bend under the weight. Happened already to some :wink:

@andyhudsonsmith This is a fantastic example of both ingenuity and community. Thank you for experimenting and for sharing!

Awesome. I wonder who is going up there to change the batteries in a year tho :).