Lockdown for tempest

Has anyone given any thought to having a better and deeper pole mount that the tempest lockes down on? It doesn’t seem like it’s secure enough under strong wind and I’m wondering if the top half of tempest is subject to the stronger wind especially out of a northerly direction? Thus giving off false rain reports.

if your pole misses that little diameter, use some tape and then push the mount over it. I do this on steel poles and it never ever came off Worse, when I want to take it off it is hell :wink:

I have had no troubles at all with steel pipe AKA Rigid conduit or steel pipe 1.315" OD 1" ID
if you use tubing it will be loose as tubing is measured different 1" OD and inside diameter is smaller determined by wall thickness

if you buy the correct o.d. pipe, it’s nice and tight bordering on impossible to remove.

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Several have reported it’s darn near impossible to remove.


I had to use channel locks to remove mine from the pole.


What about a 1.25” diameter pole?

I guess if a person wanted more beef, so to speak you could bump up to 1.25" or larger, put a 1.25" x 1" bell reducer and a 4"~6" 1" nipple and attach the Tempest to that. It would be stout if nothing else.

That’s exactly how mine is mounted. 1.25" galvanized schedule 80 water pipe (HEAVY!). About 18’ out the top of a 25G tower (cone top). Not going ANYWHERE.