Ability to choose what air to show on widget from iOS

I have 2 air’s linked to a hub and a sky.

The widget on my iPhone shows all the details from 1 air and the sky. I have not found how I can swap the air’s as the one showing is now an ‘indoor’ unit.

Have been looking around the settings but couldn’t find any setting allowing me to choose what air to show on widget. Even re arranging the blocks in the app to set the outdoor unit first didn’t solve this. Guess the data from first added air is used by default …

Might interest someone else to be able to decide what shows or not ??


Yes, the AIR shown on the widget and the one reported any time there’s just one temperature (or other parameter) is what we call the “primary” device. And giving users the ability to choose which device is primary is a feature on our roadmap. It’s isn’t too high on the priority list, however, since so few users have more than one AIR or SKY. You #fieldtesters are the lucky ones! We’ve just made your outdoor AIR the primary for you!


Thanks for the privilege :slight_smile: