Two Air units - how to control data feed to PWS

I have two Air units (indoor/outdoor). Since setting up the indoor, I have noticed that now PWS is showing only the data from the indoor unit. I didn’t expect PWS to show both but now I’m scratching my head trying to figure out how I can control the data feed to use only the outdoor data instead. Anyone encounter this before or know how to fix it?

Is the indoor Air the first device?

How are you sharing data with PWS?

When I look at devices in settings, they are listed as Sky, Indoor Air, Outdoor Air so I guess it’s the first of the two. As for sharing with PWS, I went through the setup for that quite a long time ago and honestly don’t remember exactly how I set it up. Just remember it was a pain and it initially took several weeks before data started showing up.

By PWS do you mean Weather Underground?

To solve the issue, delete indoor Air and add it back.

Not Weather Underground; too unreliable. PWS Weather Deleted and re-added (I should have thought of that) and that fixed it. Thanks

Interesting. I’m not sure how you are sending to PWS except through third party hardware.


Glad you solved it! Yes, each station has a “primary” device set for each weather parameter. This only matters when you have more than one device that measures the same parameter. The primary designation is used to create the “station observation” which is in turn used any time a simpler view of your station data is required (including data integrations). The first device is set to the primary and, as you discovered, removing and replacing a device will move it down the list. You could also drop a note to and they can do it for you without losing any data (we’ll add that to the apps eventually!)