Two Tempest how do I designate the Primary one

I have two Tempest on one hub and this data is being fed to my PWS Weather webpage Due to a faulty rain sensor I want to use the data from the second Tempest. I have asked on the PWSWeather forum and receid this reply.

" This observation is made from the latest Device observations that belong to the Station.
If a user has multiple Devices of the same type they are able to designate one of them as primary.
This is the one used to make the federated observation."

Any ideas how to do this?

You’re primary station by default is the first one you make when opening your account. easiest option is to send in a support ticket and ask to set the one you want as primary. Do mention what station ID you want so they don’t have to figure it out :wink:
Other option, start all over again but that might not be the best option I think !

Okay thanks Eric will send in a support ticket