Accurite sun shield modification to fit Air

Face it, you always wanted a Dremel tool. I got a knock-off for under $20 at Harbor Freight, and still saved money over the larger, admittedly better competition.

Although not expected to fit WeatherFlow Air, 10 minutes of Dremel tool work made it good enough. Just need about 1mm carved on either side of each leaf, and since Air has an inverted taper, it locks in quite securely. After that it works pretty well but ends up a few degrees warm when sun is out with no breeze - that’s when the larger, more expensive competing product does better. Can access battery compartment and mounting receptacle without disassembly.


I posted pictures two years ago showing how I used wire cutters to trim the inside corners for my Air, for those who don’t want to buy a Dremel tool.

FWIW, I was not impressed with the performance in the sun, and am not using the AcuRite shield any more…


Sorry I hadn’t seen that post. I had searched for accurite in this forum. Yes, eventually I will upgrade or place the whole works in better shade. I had the larger Ambient Weather shield for a previous system, and it yields better accuracy, but the mount broke in sun/cold/wind after a few years.

Interesting…I did not have to dremel my Accurite to fit the Air. It was a snug fit, but did not require any modifications.

Thanks Jim. I found mine would at least deform the leaves noticeably without, so bothered to modify.

Maybe they have changed the opening in the shield since I purchased mine. Regardless, glad to see you made it fit :grinning:

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At issue is the shield touches the sides of the Air and heat from the shield is transferred to the Air.


Interesting thought, thanks. Maybe I will try to carve the middle leaves wider, but at some point the leaf interconnect latches suffer. I suppose I could then rig the leaves together with wire drilled through the corners or something.

Here is my AcuRite shield hack pictures in the long thread about DIY solar radiation shields:

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that accurite is a bad idea for the air,the shield needs more room inside air flow , plastic does warm up , its not about snug fit , a good radiation shield will have plenty of room for airflow circulation. i remember wf posted a few years ago about a ambient shield i thought oh dear just because it fits doesnt mean it actually works for the air module.

here is something i did last year before winter kicked in on the back of your post i decided to take it down and inspect it. this works reasonably well in a wide open full sun view space with good surrounding airflow .it is basically 5 x $1 plastic ventilation for bathrooms or kitchens designed to be used with a aspirator. i bought 8 pieces for around $10 sprayed them with uv resistant paint designed for plastic garden furniture which i already had . after almost a year winter storms and 3 months now of uvindex from 7-10 they held up quite well. not pretty but effective…the trick is airflow .

ps i dont mean to trash your idea far from it , best way to learn is get it wrong I mean Edison failed a thousand times or more then a light bulb switched on :slight_smile:

the air is problematic on its own anyway because its enclosed with only a small very small area for ventilation in an ideal design the airflow would be able to use a 360 deg capability not directional…


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What I did with the sensor to my Oregon Wmr200. I removed the electronics from the original housing and hung it in the center of the shelter. Has been working great for years. Does not get wet. My shelter also has a bottom plate that adds added protection. Though not recommending dissection of any air unit.