Add Solar Intensity to UV Graph

Just a thought to add Solar Intensity to the UV Graph.

Hi. Just wanted to fully understand your request… There is a separate graph for Solar Radiation, and another for Brightness. Are you proposing to plot UV index and Solar Radiation on the same graph? Or? Thanks for clarifying.

What is your definition of “solar intensity” and how is it measured?

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For me it s Solar Insolation in Watts/Sq. Meter. In posting the new thread I earn a “my bad” for not realizing that clicking on the “Sky” would give me other graph options. I think though that since UV and Solar (in Watts/sq. Meter) can vary, that maybe plotting both on the same graph might be useful. Perhaps eliminate the need for a separate Solar/UV Graph.

 As I replied to Gary, I might've earned a "my bad" for this new thread, because only then did I notice if I clicked on "Sky" I could get the other graphs too! Although on thinking further about it maybe a single graph with both Solar intensity (Watts/sq. Meter) and the UV index could be useful in a single graph to replace two separate ones. As both can vary depending upon atmospherics, seeing the two together could be useful, and since at this point I'm a firm believer that we are now in abrupt climate change, we will be part in recording events that the Weather Channel is having difficulty coming up with new names for, and usually fails to point out the root causes...



I can see where it would be interesting to see the relationship.

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