Heat index graph

As suggested from @dsj I put here my request: is there a way to graph heat index too with real and dew-point temps


Thanks for the suggestion. This is on our roadmap.

You might as well add ‘humidex’ … for us Canucks… :wink:


I’ve seen a couple of old posts relating to this request from 2018 and 2019. I’m not sure if replying will bump it up the list or not. Notwithstanding, I’d like to see a historical heat index / wind chill / feels like / apparent temperature display on the wet bulb / dry bulb temperature historical graph. It would also be good to have the max and min apparent temps for comparison to the actual. In very cold and very hot climates, the apparent temperature is more important than the actual temperature when planning outdoor activities.

I was just going to post for a feel’s like, apparent temp graph. Apparent temp is available on my old Acurite station and love it as it is the THSW temp not just the heat index or windchill that the tempest shows.

Would like to this apparent(THSW) temp added as well as the feels like(heat index/Humidex/Windchill) graphs