Dew point and Heat index

Hello all. Just 2 question.

  1. why sometimes I see dew point and sometime I see Heat index on data ribbons?
  2. is there a way to graph heat index too??

Thank you.

I can’t say that I have seen that on the data but hven’t looked for it. What might explain it is that Heat Index is only calculated for temps 80F (27C) and above, below that it might be showing dew point instead.

HI is a calculation of temperature and humidity so that should be able to be graphed using that formula.

the heat index show if the temperature above 26°C (80°F) and the humidity above 40%
and the windchill appear if the temperature below 10°C( 50°F) and wind speed above 5mph (8kph)
finally the dew point show when the temperature between 10° to 26°C (50° to 80°F).

Thank you all.
Now the second question remains opened for weatherflow team: is there a way to graph heat index too with real and dew-point temps?? immagine

Hello @Max_Italy

The idea is to keep the WF app a simple to use app and not an expert app. It is mend for the general user and it’s goal is to stay simple.

If you want to go the expert way (and you can with this station as it’s data is fully ‘open’) you can look into third party apps to get the most out of it
There are local options and web options, up to you to choose your favourite

Have a look at this section

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looking at your chart 21.x is not going to produce a valid heat index figure and neither a windchill factor . think it would complicate the appearance turning it into a complex graph output

best practice as eric sez above or try out weather display that will give you all the scenarios you can dream of.

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You’re right, I just taken last acquisition. If I look at the last few days you could see that Heat Index should take sense imho… correct me if I’m wrong.

Sorry for my bad choice of username. I thinked it was editable but it isn’t. Btw, I’m Max from Italy.

EDIT: changed now to @Max_Italy, thanks to @eric

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You can figure it by this photo that provided from NOAA

and her is the one with the Celsius

for me I hope there is a graph for the dew point on the last zoom out like the temperature(to build a better idea of the humid season).

So everything make sense passed 27°C (80°F) by graphs…

but your dew point is 13°C, so the heat index will approximately be 27.1°C.

Yes, preparing for this summer… let’s talk again about this in a couple of months… or less :slight_smile:

Thanks to the community for the answers regarding display of this “extra” temperature value - they are correct. We didn’t want to clutter the view with a ton of extra info. @eric is correct that the goal is to keep the core WF super simple.

Feel free to add this request to the Feature Requests category - if there is strong demand for a new feature we will certainly consider it.