Air Temperature Panel: Changing Categories (Heat Index / Dew Point)

After only 1-Month, I have just now realized that the “Temperature Panel” of the AIR always displays the current temperature, but the secondary information on the panel changes. Sometimes it displays “Heat Index” temperature, other times, I have seen “Dew Point”. Not sure what determines which information is displayed? I have not found a way to control it. Additionally, I have always found “Humidity” to also be constantly displayed.

Anyone else notice this change in displayed information?

heat index is only valid when temperature is above 80F and humidity is above 40%. So my guess it that it only displays it when these conditions are met.

Hmm. Right now, I have a Temp of 86.2, Humidity of 49% and my iPhone App is also displaying “Feels Like” Temp of 88.

isn’t that the expected behavior? it meets both conditions so it shows the heat index (labeled as feels like)


As you can see from the image above I grabbed from my AIR’s temperature section, the readout shows Current Temperature (Left side), Heat Index (Middle), Humidity (Right side). Dew Point will be displayed in the Middle when the Heat Index or Wind Chill is not in effect. Heat Index and Feels Like are basically the same.

Heat Index is displayed when the Temperature is above 80°F with Relative Humidity above 40%.

Wind Chill is displayed when the Temperature is at or below 50°F with winds above 3 mph.

It is normal for this section to change information displayed as you have noticed.