[App] Dew Point / Heat Index

Keep the current dew point next to the heat index? When the heat index reaches a certain value it takes over for the current dew point on the home screen.

Ditto! The dew point should be the primary parameter, not humidity or heat index. The humidity has little meaning (i.e. they don’t know how to interpret it) because it’s -relative- humidity. Much rather have the dew point always visible, and cycle through HI and humidity. Or, make the screen configurable.

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So happy to see others feel the same way about dew point versus feels like/heat index. I am always interested in seeing the dew point. I can see on my iPhone in portrait mode there isn’t enough room for all 3 on one line, so perhaps keep dew point where it is and place feels like in the space above, OR, provide a toggle switch in settings that keeps dew point on always or allows feels like to take over when temp hits 80+.