Displaying "dew point" or "feels like" temperatur value

Got the new iOS update today. Initially saw “feels like”, so that was a great change. Been wanting this.

Closed the app then restarted it. Now back to the old “dew point” display though. Not sure what happened. Knew this was an issue in programming but through it might be initially fixed today.

Anybody else ?

Doesn’t it depend on wind speed, among other parameters?

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That’s what I read before but I’ve never seen it here, no matter the wind. Will continue to be patient.

Hi @cotedan,

The air temperature and humidity card displays the Feels Like value when Feels Like differs from air temperature. If those values are the same the Dew Point is displayed on the card. So it is possible that you will see the value on your card switch between Feels Like and Dew Point at different times of the day.

Information on how the Feels Like temperature is calculated can be found here.


Thank you Corrine. I wrongly assumed that the updated iOS app gave us the choice of what to display. Up here in cold country, the “Feels Like” measure is something I use a lot in January :smile:

Thanks for the response. Looking forward to Tempest when it launches. I have two existing solar units, one of which is on wonky legs.

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No worries @cotedan. Stay warm!

I would like the dew point back and ability to set it in the app

Does it convert back to dew point of the ambient is below 40?

Overall nice job on app. It is appreciated and leave the over all display as is!

@wxlist You will see dew point on the card whenever the Feels Like temperature is the same as the air temperature.

Mine shows “Feels Like” but am not gonna close and restart to see if Dew Point comes back. If they have made the change to Feels Like that is all for the good IMO

I’m wondering why I see the dew point in the temperature card of the app and sometimes the “feels like” temperature is in its place.

Is there a way to toggle it or does it just flip back and forth on its own?