Where is the Wind Chill

It’s cold and windy. Where is the windchill?


Feels Like is essentially the same as wind chill and heat index. Where Wind chill just takes into effect the temp and wind, feels like take in other factors to make it more accurate on what it really “feels like”.

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Okay. There is no Feels Like displayed.

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Tap the icon on the right top you will see a lot of values calculated as windchill, feels as etc…

If it’s not displayed on iOS then I would call that a bug. Or maybe users would rather see dew point instead of feels like.

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I know nothing of the ios application.

I don’t remember ever seeing it displayed on any card but some insist it does.

Sorry about that, Gary. This is something we need to address, but it’s not technically a bug… Despite what we may have written before, it turns out the “card” view will NOT show the wind chill value, even going by it’s other label, “feels like” - not even when it’s cold & windy! And that’s the expected behavior on all three apps (Android, iOS & Web). Here’s the rule as currently implemented in each app:

If the calculated heat index temperature is greater than the raw temperature, then display heat index temperature (and label it “FEELS LIKE”), else display the dew point temperature value (and label it “DEW POINT”).

That is, you’ll only see “feels like” when it’s hot and humid - otherwise, you’ll see “dew point”. We should do the same thing on the cold end of the thermometer, and show “feels like” when the calculated wind chill temperature is lower than the measured temperature. But we don’t… yet.

Why no wind chill? Well, the short story is that each card can currently only display observation values (raw or derived) from a single device. That works for heat index, since that value is derived from T & RH, sensors on a single AIR device. But, since the wind chill calculation includes sensor values from two devices (T from AIR & wind from SKY), you won’t see it on a card. The same issue exists for many other derived values.

So, while it’s not a bug, it’s definitely an issue we need to address. And it’s more complicated because it’s wrapped up with a technical issue, above, as well as UI issues like, what if someone doesn’t care about Heat Index or Wind Chill or Feels Like and always wants to see Dew Point?

For now, the simple work-around is to look on the “list” view, where you should see wind chill in the “current conditions” (which is built from more than one sensor device), along with all the other derived values. You should see wind chill on the list view in all three apps. If you don’t, that’s a bug!


I’d suggest that is indeed a bug. A nasty one to solve perhaps, but a bug nevertheless.


No need to be sorry. I want you to post the definitive answer since so many posts are stating different information.

Thank you for responding.


nah, that’s not a bug, it is a design choice, but alas, not the best one. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the explanation. I was wondering about Wind Chill too - it’s totally important up here in Northern Ontario.

Keep up the great work. Rome took at least a couple weeks to build :slight_smile:


Although I’ve read through these posts twice I’m still not certain of a potential outcome. Is the hardware capable of calculating and displaying the windchill/realfeel?

The 3rd party BTST does it, why not Smartweather?

It seems like such an important criteria to have constantly displayed.

It is not dependent on hardware. It is all done in software.

Would it be difficult to implement this? From this thread alone I count 27 likes on the subject not counting me :grin:

It is not difficult. It just needs to be put on the internal Enhancement list and assigned. With all the work being done at WeatherFlow that could be weeks or months.

Thank you for all this information, does this conversation serve as a request for this to be put on the internal enhancement list or can you advise me of another procedure?

I moved it to Feature Request so WeatherFlow is aware of it.


I appreciate that and all of your responses, but now being in the “Feature Request” thread I see the windchill/realfeel requests started nearly a year ago (Januarary anyway) in a different thread here. that doesnt bolster my confidence that Weatherflow has any intention of making this upgrade.

I have been following this request also for approximately a year. Gave up and solved it by using the 3rd party app BTST pro. Winter on our ranch in the CO mtns where we work outside make wind speed and wind chill at he top of our interests. Humidity and dew point - not so much.

Agreed, I would have also moved to the BTST software except, I have my station running on a number of wall mounted older ipads through out our property. Unfortunatly I think they are all ipad 2’s which cant run the BTST software. My only hope other than replacing 4 IPADS is Weatherflow addressing this issue for us.