Where is the Wind Chill

I hope weatherflow is working on adding windchill. Please consider this in the next app update.

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FYI, trying to mod the App to run on older iOS devices… it’s in the works!

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I can’t believe my eyes! Finally a wind chill display instead Dew point (which I’m not even sure what anyone uses that for). Well done :+1:


As Corrine from WeaterFlow pointed out here in an other related topic:

It is possible to see “feeels like” what’s nearly the same as wind chill and another time “dew point”.
Crossly said, when wind is strong you might see “feels like” and in calm situations “dew point”.

David said a few ore more, earlier in this topic

Why do I see the feel like in my IPhone apps and I don’t see it on my IPad apps ? OK just found that my IPad didn’t have the 3.4 version. Did the update and « It is there » :ok_hand: