[App] Dew point vs RH

Sometimes my Grid View shows Dewpoint (which is very useful) and others times RH, which is less so.
I can’t figure out a pattern!

I like my Tempest a lot, even as the early kinks with this device are getting worked out.

I think you might mean dew point vs feels like temp? The heat index will replace dew point on the card view if temp is at or above 80F and RH is at or above 40%. Temp and humidity will always be displayed. Shared a pic of my AIR and Tempest below to show the difference.


“FEELS LIKE” = “HEAT INDEX” in this case, correct (your example looks pretty close to that)? Does it do a similar thing for “FEELS LIKE” = “WIND CHILL” for lower temps. I am not a big fan of using “FEELS LIKE” instead of using the actual index. Also, as @btnstokes said, he thinks that the dewpoint is very useful (I tend to agree), but, it sounds like what you are saying is that it is not always displayed. Is there a way to change this behavior?


It would be great if we could choose what to display.


@wx3i09 You are correct, if conditions are met for wind chill then the dew point will be replaced by that. We do have some more info on the derived metrics here: https://weatherflow.github.io/SmartWeather/api/derived-metric-formulas.html

I personally can’t comment much on the app logic and our plans, but I am not aware of any changes to the temperature card. @wxthomson I’d recommend posting about this in the feature request section, that will help our development team prioritize improvements to the app.

In the meantime, remember that dew point is always displayed in the “more current conditions” section on the Weather tab and in the temp graph.

Dew Point is vastly more useful that either “Feels like” or RH.

The dew point pretty much lets you know the impact on comfort of moisture in the air.
RH doesn’t much at all, and “Feels Like” is entirely subjective.
If it feels like 90F and the temp is 84F, 90F can be comfortable at lower dew points.
Yet if the dew point is 70F, 84F will be oppressive.
If the dew point is 55F, 90F can be even pleasant.

I know this is not news to most of us here.

Yes, the dewpoint is available with some extra scrolling, yet with so much sophistication in the Tempest and all the work to deliver a fine product, why bury this piece of weather data that is so useful hour-to-hour?

Is there some way to flag a topic discussion to the feature request section w/o having to copy and paste the whole thing?

Also, not everyone who had a voice in the discussion will necessarily think to go/have time to go and vote on the feature request.

Thanks for a great product with lots of effort under the hood, and a stellar forum.


You should be able to see a pencil icon next to the subject. Click that and change the topic to the requests category.

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The forum is well-designed and well-staffed. Srsly.

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Don’t forget to vote for this.

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Looking at my monthly summary, I note that dew point isn’t even listed, even though it’s a primary measurement for the device.

I would really like to be able to see the dewpoint (always) in the display and summaries, rather than sometimes showing RH, sometimes showing “real feel,” and sometimes omitting the data.

“Dewpoints in the 50s” vs. “dewpoints in the upper 60s” is as useful or moreso to those who understand dewpoint. The “real feel” is an attempt to make it more intuitive, but it is a derived calculation.

Voting this one up!

-John in MN

I agree on dew point being more important, kids bought it for Father’s Day, I get more from channel 58 app milwaukee