Real feel vs dew point

I’m seeing the real feel number again when it should be the dew point. This happened in the past but was supposed to have been fixed permanently to show either or when the temperature detected what should be shown. Now it’s gone back to an incorrect response of showing the real feel instead of dew point. How can this be corrected once again?

is the temp above 80F AND humidity above 40%? Then it should display feels-like.
so what is your temperature, Relative Humidity and windspeed?

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No I’m in pennsylvania my readings are normal and it should be reading dew pt not real feel it’s acting up again like before

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Is it giving the wind chill as the feels-like? If the temperature is below 50°F and wind speed is above 3 mph (this doesn’t seem unlikely based on NWS forecast) then I would expect the dew point to change to the feels-like

My temp is just below 50 and wind above 3 but why would that change to real feel? I thought that was for much lower temps and it jumps to dew pt for only a second then right back to real feel it wasn’t doing that a week or so ago just started doing this again for no reason.

It’s on the app page right beside the humidity reading

The wind chill is calculated as soon as the temperature drops below 50F and the average 1 minute wind speed is above 3 mph. So it makes sense based on your readings that the feels like (which is either the wind chill at lower temperatures or the heat index at higher temperatures) is showing instead of the dew point. The dew point shows when the temperature, humidity, and wind conditions satisfy neither the wind chill or heat index requirements.

The dew point likely appears briefly if the wind speed drops below 3 mph

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If this is the way it’s supposed to behave giving real feel under 50degrees then just let me know, also I believe the wind chill kicks in below 40 if I’m not mistaken, but I thought dew point should show if it’s above 40 and under 80?

Yes this is how I think it is meant to behave

According the WF documentation it is 50F: Derived Metric Formulas

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