Adding soil moisture to tempest

Hello, can anyone tell me if it’s possible to incorporate soil moisture addition to tempest somehow. Maybe that’s asking too much or too difficult to do, but since it was heavily voted on and mentioned it got me thinking that it would be a great thing to have rather then buying some extra equipment or another station just to have this ability. How would weatherflow go about making this work if they were so inclined to do so?. Thanks

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Theoretically, yes, another sensor could be added to the Tempest System. The Hub is capable of connecting with about 16 separate sensor devices. The Tempest sensor counts as one sensor device. My guess is that WeatherFlow would make a new sensor with the appropriate sensors. I would assume they would probably have it battery operated like the original AIR product. I have two still running on the original Energizer Lithium Ultimate batteries and they were put in service about 4 years ago.

Hello, thanks a lot, sorry to sound ignorant about this, would something have to be added on to the tempest station it’s self? Or are you saying it could be done seperate from the pole mounted tempest? Thanks

The hub is the device you have inside your house and is the link to the Tempest sensor (and other sensors) and then to your WiFi so it can communicate to the WeatherFlow servers. For example, below is a picture of two of the sensors on my Field Test Station. The one on the left is a very early Tempest unit and on the other side of the post is a first generation SKY unit. The near device is a CoCoRaHS manual rain gauge I use to submit actual rain fall to WeatherFlow which helps their calibration algorithms.

For this particular station, I also have another Tempest Field Test unit on the roof of my house. This means I have three separate sensor units on one station. A soil sensor could be done in the same fashion, where a new device could be built and it would then be added to your existing station, just like I added the second Tempest and a SKY to my field test station.

In short, nothing would get added to the Tempest Sensor on your pole, it would be its own separate device and linked to the hub in the same way that the Tempest Sensor was linked to the hub.

FWIW, here is how my Devices list looks on my Field Test Station:

Three separate sensors all linked to the same hub.

Here is the device list on my main station:

There are three different kinds of sensors linked to this hub:

  • SKY (this is a first generation Rain, Light, Wind sensor)
  • Tempest sensor (current generation)
  • AIR (this is a first generation temperature, humidity, air pressure, and lightning sensor)

That is five sensors linked to the same hub. A soil sensor would simply show up as another device in the list.

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Great explanation and thanks for clearing that up for
me. I hope this comes to past for all tempest owners.

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