[HW] Multiple sensor integration

Greetings from the South Shore of Lake Superior! I am a kiteboarder, windsurfer, sailor, and aspiring weather nerd. I am requesting Weatherflow/tempest to allow integration of 2 (perhaps multiple) sensors to provide data as 1 weather station.

NOAA has standards for measuring certain meteorological conditions. Generally wind is measured at about 10m off the ground and temp/humidity/rain is measure at 9m. I really appreciate the user friendliness and cost of a single sensor, but it limits the quality of our readings. I propose users be able to add a second sensor unit and choose which readings are used from each: For example

Tempest-1 @ 10m: wind direction, speed and lighting data.
Tempest-2 @ 3m : temp, humidity, rain, and UV/solar data.

This is the setup I have with my Davis Vantage Pro2.

I also think it will help with inaccurate rain readings in high wind situations which trigger than haptic rain sensor. Recent software updates have greatly improved the stations ability to discern between high winds and rain but it still not perfect.

WF support will do this upon request. The main view data and what is sent to WU comes from 2 different devices, each optimized for conditions as you suggest.

From awhile back…
The IT folks successfully made the change for me yesterday. Now my primary device data comes from 2 Sky’s on 1 hub. 1 Sky for wind and UV, the 2nd Sky for rain. WF staff got back to me and said they will happily (continue to) support this request from all owners.

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you can do that check my station Tempest

Excellent! This really is an awesome platform.

The tempest greatest strength is the ultra sound wind meter, with the bonus of a lightning detector, UV and brightness sensor. Even though the rain sensor uses a very fancy technology (basically listening to the rain), it sometimes isn’t very accurate. Perhaps instead of buying another expensive tempest, go for something cheap that has the usual tipping bucket rain sensor, which will give better results. Temperature and pressure will be fine for whatever brand you use.
Of course that isn’t very integrated but you might accomplish that using some other software.

Thanks for the conversation. This is already possible!

Closing this request.