Adjust Daily Rainfall Start/End Time

It would sure help when comparing WF rain data to my CoCoRaHS if the start/end of the day cycle could be set by the user. This would be especially helpful for those of us reporting local data to the Google forms data base since the form requires SKY rain data to be entered along with my CoCoRaHS data. Which day do I pick for the WF data? I usually pick the day before since that has the biggest overlap time but it still isn’t right.

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Hey guys, anyway of adding in the feature for daily rainfall till 9am? . For Australia, rainfall is typically measured for a 24-hour period ending 9am local time.

Would make it easier to compare totals with local met stations :slight_smile:


Maybe an option to choose daily rainfall time during setup?
Here in North America the CoCoRaHS reporting system uses 0700 as the preferred time. Everyday over 10k CoCoRaHS stations report precipitation data around 0700 local time.



That is when I report and I wish we could pick a time for the 24-hour report as well.

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Yes - I would also ask for the ability to set the time at which the “reporting day” finishes.
Also being in Australia, having a rainfall record for a day that is 9 hours out compared to all official reports, makes it a bit meaningless as far as any recognised reporting goes.


I would like to see an option to have rain
totals recordedd to 9am ,as well as 12am .

All current standards are till 9am at this point, it is impossible to compare rain totals against other stations as the all read till 9am and tempest reads 12am. The data can’t match.

Please add a software choice where owners can select either 24hr to 12am reset. OR 24 hr till 9am reset .


I merged your feature request to one which already existed and includes the ability to accomodate your specific request. This has the benefit of merging the votes to get WF’s attention sooner.

I live in Australia. Rain is measured from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. by the Bureau of Meteorology. Is there a plan to allow Tempest to be changed from a midnight to midnight collection period for those of us Down Under?


I merged your request with this one covering what you would like but also what others would like.
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Great to see this topic being discussed.

So when is this happening?

How do I get to the vote page?



There is a Vote button at the top of the topic.

I see thank you.

I wonder if this will ever get actioned. Great product. Very slow to get things done.

Yes please, this is vital for comparison as 9am is the standard or at least it is here in Australia. It shouldn’t;t be hard to make the totals a variable in software, just a few lines of code and a setting in the GUI.


At the moment, it appears that the changeover time of daily readings is set at 12am. I live in Australia and the Bureau of Meteorology here changes at 9am (10am daylight savings time). It would be nice to allow users to select the time that suits them and provide for daylight savings/standard time.

Welcome Albert,
It helps the voting power to combine many votes into a single feature request so I am moving your request to a similar request regarding rainfall.
You have 5 votes available, so you should vote for this to increase its importance.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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I agree on being able to set the start / end time to coincide with my CoCoRaHS reports.


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While it seems like it would be nice, I think it would have to be adjusted so you only saw it on a client side rather than touching the raw data. The problem is that Australia is a bit of an anomaly using the 9am reset. As a long time user of Weather Display software, the 9am reset feature has a history of being plagued with problems. Personally, I like the idea of a 9am reset, but I had to abandon it as it turns out to be really problematic.

I’m not sure how something other than midnight reset would be an issue, unless you are talking about other places only querying for the rain total for the day without checking what time the reset occurred. I would think that this could actually be done server side with one more parameter sent in the request, that being the reset time. This way it wouldn’t matter what person or entity wanted the data, they wouldn’t be tied to whatever reset time the station owner wanted to see. This would also allow me to change the reset time on my station without mucking with the original data.


Agree that if this was implemented they would need to look at a approach like what you have outlined.