Air excessive battery use?

Hi. I have replaced the batteries in my Air twice in the last 2 months. The last four only lasted 2 weeks. I am using Energizer Ultimate Lithium each time. Is there anything I can try? I thought those batteries were supposed to last a lot longer. Prior to the last 8 batteries being replaced, the same brand lasted about 12 months.

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Send an email to and explain the issue. Let them look at the data.

Make sure you test new cells before you install them.

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That’s not representive of Air. I have lithium in mine
and it remains providing a strong signal well into my first year of use.
Seems to be drawing more current than it needs. As usual, Mr. Funk
has the best recommendation.

I did contact them and they agree something is wrong with my Air. The WeatherFlow company is sending me a replacement.


I’m on my second set of batteries in my Air in 2 months too. Checked it last week, pretty good voltage. Dead today, and very fast. Bumped up for a bit, and then down very quickly.

My Sky only lasted a few months too. I’m going thru a lot of batteries. Fortunately they are relatively easy to access and replace.


For the sky a solution is nearing but still it ‘should’ last at least months on normal use. The air is not normal at all. I have one running for near a year on 1 set …
contact support and ask them to check their side and opinion

support via the website :

support via mail :


I have an Air that will be celebrating its second anniversary of being online next Tuesday…on the original batteries and still reading 3.06V at 25.0F (below freezing) as I write this. I have yet to change a set of Air batteries on any of the three that I own…


My first set of batteries lasted since i got the unit from crowdfunding, November 2017. Since April 1st I’ve had to replace the batteries twice. Same recommended batteries, same position. Email sent to support.

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Two possibilities. 1. The batteries are not genuine. 2. Two or more were defective.

We have see a lot of fake batteries being introduced into the market in the past year.

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Fake energizer ultimate lithium batteries? I mean, I guess it’s possible, but two different times from a grocery store and not bought online?

A grocery store, definitely possible.

3rd option: they are genuine but outdated ?

That is a possibility but they would have to be years old. And that’s a big reason I would never buy them at a grocery store.

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Me too, in those stores you never know … most common customers there aren’t aware of the spicallty of those and in this compared to alkaline AA’s they are expensive…

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I’ve had to replace my Air batteries 2x in the last two months also, and I’m on my 4th set since I got the unit. Hitting up tech support (once I find the link again). I’m thinking some new setting or something is eating them up.

Did you check the voltage on the cells before you installed them? Both my Air units are still going strong and show no sign of weakness.

No. I’ll try that next time, but I can hardly believe that Energizer and Amazon is sending out that many bad batteries. I have been through 52 of their batteries since I received my units, including 8 sent from WeatherFlow directly.

As Gary mentioned, definitely check the voltage. I had genuine UL batteries in my SKY and I was notified of my unit being offline less than 3 months after installing them. After reading posts here I checked the "bad " lot of batteries only to find 2 with lower voltage and the other 6 reporting 1.61V. My AIR is also sitting pretty at 3.46V after 7 months and half of that time was in blistering Aussie summer heat.

I’m still on the first sets. As soon as the Solar Panel starts shipping that will stop all the power issues with the Sky.

Then we just to to convince David to develop a Solar Panel with a six foot cable for the Air.

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Both of mine have been going for over 240 days and the voltages are at 3.47V and 3.48V. Something is clearly not right if your Airs are eating batteries that fast.