Air & Sky redesign

I’m still waiting for my package but while reading the posts, I have a feeling there will be complaints for false rain and strikes. All reasons are reasonable and can be avoided with a proper installation. No problem for me but if only 5% of your customers complain over it, that’s the other story.
To give WF team a hint for the next generation (if there will be one):
Swap the rain & Franklin sensors. Lightning will be detected more accurately in open sky and probably farther away from any sources that would cause false strikes. If you put the rain sensor in the Air unit, it will be mounted on a 2m pole, which can be stabilized for vibrations more easy than a 10m pole. The only thing missing is the solar radiation shield for the temperature sensor. You could increase the price for the radiation shield.
I’m sure a good brainstorming was done before you decided for the Air and Sky “content” but just take this as a suggestion and not as a complaint. Maybe you had to do a balance for the energy consumption?


FYI, the Air unit ideally needs to be mounted in a sheltered/shady location to avoid daytime solar heating. Packaging a rain sensor into something that might not be exposed to the rain is probably not the best idea. I have seen pictures of installed Air devices hanging upside-down from a roof overhang or pergola roof beam in other posts here, none of which would be suitable for rain sensor operation…


I know how the Air & Sky have to be put in place. I was just brainstorming if the “Air2” included a radiation shield and a rain sensor on top (like vantage pro) and could be put in open place. And Sky could have a lightning detector instead.
It’s just a brainstorming, not a complaint. I look forward to receive my package so I can put them in operation.