Does a shield prevent the AIR from sensing rain?

I have two units, but do not have full shade available. I would really like to get good wind measurements as well as rainfall.

Will using an air shield block the unit from sensing rain correctly? The FAQ page near the bottom on haptic sensors says that

Using a combination of pressure and capacitance, SKY measures and counts each falling raindrop

I don’t see how this can work if the unit is completely “under an umbrella” so to speak.

The only recommended shield from Amazon ( has many reviews citing the poor quality of the materials. I’m not in a position to build something.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

The Sky and Air are two separate, well thought out units. The Sky measures rain, wind, and light/UV. The Air (which you will want to place in a shield or shady location) measures temperature, humidity, barometer, and lightning. Since the Sky doesn’t measure temperature, it doesn’t need to be shielded…


No. The Air does not sense rain.

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Thanks. I only have the AIR unit right now (two of them). I realize I was ignoring the nose in front of my face! It clearly said “SKY” even in the snippet that I posted from the FAQ.

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