All data in mm / °C except lightning distance

I’ve set all the data to European standards (meter/mm/ etc. and °C) but the lighning distance in the app (IOS) is in miles?

Please change, but no urgency :wink:

DISTANCE ≤ 22 miles

on my android everything is fine. In settings I have Rain in mm and Distance set to Metric. Other is also set to Metric.

could you specify what version of iOS app and on what screen you get the miles since in mine I do have km on home screen.

Also try to completely close the app via the swipe up and restart it, see if it just needed some kick to update

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looking at his station he probably hasn’t set the ‘distance’ in the preferences to ‘metric’. Or there is a problem communicating his setting to the server.

I’ve swiped the settings to imperal and back to metric, now it seems ok. :confused:


Yes, you have to toggle the “other” settings. There is/was something amiss there.