Any addtions to the Tempest app or features being requested coming soon?

Hi guys, one thing i dont appreciate is the silence for long period of times. There are plenty of feature request on this forum that are being requested by the members and i have yet to see any responce from Tempest in quite sometime. Is there a reason for the silence? Just saying

Lol no coments i guess that means nothing is coming down the pike anytime soon. :disappointed_relieved:

One source has been their StartEngine funding updates page. For example, it looks like a recent large thing they’ve rolled out is integration with WeatherBug. You can also read through some of the Discussion for some answers to similar questions from folk.

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Hi Julian, thanks for your responce i am a tempest owner and love my station but in all honestly intergration with weatherbug isn’t a big addition for daily usage in my opinion. There is so much potentional across the board hopefully it’s utilized in time.

Yeah not saying it should be a big addition for you personally. But you asked what they’ve been up to.