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The suburb where I live (a coastal headland) and the people I associate with usually discuss the wind in preference to rainfall or temperature.
My decisions usually refer to the wind, actual and forecast. Either to select my activity (type of activity, size of ‘wing’, location) or to batten down the hatches at my house where storms sometimes destroy stuff.

Our weatherflow weather stations are providing data to weatherflow’s Apps: iKitesurf, iWindsurf, SailFlow, FishWeather and WindAlert. These Apps provide very useful graphs and wind forecasts which I use in preference to the Tempest App.

These applets and their associated web sites provide really nice widgets to copy to our own web pages:

They also display a graph including the current wind with a shadow line indicating the forecast which appears like this:

But there is no widget available to copy that widget to my own page.

Question: Could we be given access to copy a widget to present a wind graph that includes the forecast the same as displayed on the above web sites?
You could include a “Weatherflow” advertisement into the shadow of the chart :slight_smile:

cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Are you confusing WeatherFlow’s “day job” (operating a professional/commercial coastal weather station network) with their “side gig” (SWS/Tempest PWS)?

Unless something has changed recently, it has been published many times already that PWS data is not used in any of WF’s commercial observation or forecast products…

Hi @vreihen,
OK it looks like your station is not shown on the Apps I mentioned. But in my area of Australia there are a couple of well sited weatherflow Skys displaying data onto the Apps. They are coloured green on the map and in the list but only visible at certain zoom levels.
I see them at this link | iKitesurf

Or here: 31 Bombala st, Dudley | Complete Wind Report & Forecast | iKitesurf
And I can copy widgets for my smartweather station from here: 31 Bombala st, Dudley | Wind and Weather Widgets | iKitesurf
I do read ‘Beta’ on the map.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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Yes, green colored WF PWS stations now show on their maps. I noticed it about a month ago but had to contact support to change which of my 3 live stations were shown. This will be selectable by the owner at a later date. Note when you click on your station, lots of data is available like Archive and Stats. Nice feature!


Something changed with the ikitesurf App or widget and it seems my free trial has expired so I can no longer use the widget or App to view my weather station data.
However when I looked at the data history for yesterday which is still available I realised that it is incorrect. So I will delete the widget and not use the web page or App to see my own incorrect data which is available publicly and slightly more accurately for free from the tempestwx.com web page or from my own local data. I sent a message to weatherflow ikitesurf :slight_smile:

"I had a widget on my local web page that I used to view the wind from my Smartweather station. I guess you no longer make it available and or a free trial has expired or something because it doesnt work from my mobile or my computer.
But: when I look at the data for yesterday it is incorrect. I dont know why the data is different. The pressure is wrong, the time of maximum wind gusts is wrong and so I assume everything is wrong. So I will be deleting the widget and will not use the ikitesurf page.
cheers Ian :slight_smile: "

Sailflow, a weatherflow product, seems to be using data from my Weatherflow PWS:

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my station also showed up on their datascope map while it was available during the time of Laura. Perhaps it isn’t used in the analysis or forecast, but it was plotted.

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