[APP] Specify Default Display in Tempest App

It would be nice to set the app to display either the new display or the old one automatically when it is opened. I prefer the precision of the old one, and now it takes an extra “click” with my finger to get there. I realize some like the new display, so being able to set a default would make all parties happy.


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I would like to see a menu option for the forecast instead of including it on the main display. It takes way too much space for viewing your weather observation.

I’m trying to understand your feature request. Are you saying you would rather see this

instead of the forecast page?

You need to redefine the topic for your request.

Yes, more like that. In my opinion there is no need for a forecast on a weather station app, certainly not on the main display. To me this is backwards. You have to click the tempest symbol to get all of your station information on one screen, while on the main page, you can really only see a few items before it is showing all the forecast.

I don’t want to go to the forecast page, I want to see the data.

Make sure you vote for this topic, then.