Is there any way to customize the station display? I don’t mind having the forecast data on the page, but I’d prefer having all the sensor data on top. The title isn’t quite right either - the forecast block is titled Hourly but includes the daily forecasts as well. I’d just call that block Forecast and the More Current Conditions block Current Conditions.

Here is what is on the main “forecast” page of the App and web page.

Also note the Tempest icon to get what you are after. If you want to choose what screen is the default when you open the app then vote for this feature request: Specify Default Display in Tempest App.

To make the web show this card page instead of the current “forecast” page just go to the card page and book mark that or, for your station, go to and it will take you there directly.

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Voted - thank you. Have also changed bookmark.

Better to just let weatherflow be what it is and gather data. Put up your own web site with that data. Then you can do anything you want with it. It is nice they give us access to see our data but it is not really a good public profile.

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