How to read the Tempest Application User Interface

Loving the Tempest and the community. I am new to PWS community and excited to be capturing local data and contributing to forecasts.

I have a few questions about the mobile and web apps. I want to make sure I am reading them correctly. Is there a guide to help newcomers?

Here are my questions. Appreciate any insight you can share.

Tempest Weather view
Is the last section on the view that’s called More Current conditions showing weather data from my station? I see a row for Pressure and then another just below for Station Pressure. This leads me to believe there’s a mix of data sources in this section and it’s not clear to me where the other metrics are coming from.

Looking at a days weather expanded I see an axis for Wind with colored bars changing height and color with speed. Are colors significant in meteorology? I am likely overthinking it but the color of the bars sometimes match the daily temp high color…is there a connection?
Update: It’s confusing as the temperature uses similar colors to represent hot and cold.

Update: Another aspect I find disjointed is that the rain drop icon does not change its scale based on the predicted chance of rain…it’s always there and the same color and size. That said I do find some of the color coding with wind speed confusing and unnecessary.

Update: For consistency I also wish the wind gauge used at the top summary forecast would be the same iconography as the direction used in the expanded hourly forecasts (the wind direction icon). Also adding a small notation for direction would be cool.

My Station Card view
Not all cards are equal regarding the interaction design. For example the Temperature card has multiple tap areas. Tapping the large current temp shows a histogram of Air temp and Dew point but if I tap the Humidity portion of the card I see that histogram.

So that pattern leads me to believe each card is like that…but it’s not. UV has three separate tap areas one for UV, another for Brightness and lastly Solar Radiation.

I find the data fascinating and the presentation of it equally so. Thanks for helping me grok this!

General App ideas for improvement (I will add more here as they come to mind)
When I am in a graph view and I want to quickly get back to the main screen of cards, a tap on the “t weather” icon in the bottom nav should take me back a screen.

On the forecast view just above sunrise/sunset there’s high/low temperatures for the day and next to that is the chance of rain stat but it’s in a smaller font, the icon is smaller and not the same color as the high/low arrows.

For clarity More Current Conditions could be clearer that the stats are from my station. “My Current Conditions”

This may help some,

Yes, or sometimes calculated from your data as is the case for pressure which is calculated from the device height above sea-level.

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thank you for sharing that link to the app instructions and clarifying More Current Conditions.

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