Different views in the app explained?


maybe this is a stupid question and I just couldn’t find the answer. Can someone explain to me what the two views (device and cloud) are for. As I understand it, they should be the same data, which is not 100% the case.

Thanks a lot.

The device page gives the current observations from your device. The cloud page gives the current forecast for your station location, along with some of the current observations. The number of decimal places used on the cloud page is different, hence rounding can make the observations look a little different

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Thanks for your reply. I assume, these are measured values, right? Maybe with a little bit delay because of sync time.

And these (up to section More Current Conditions) are forecast?

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Yep, that’s about it. The measured values right at the top are the ones that are rounded compared to the device view

@cactus-online The icon in the top center is also coming from the forecast as is the description “partly cloudy”, unless it starts raining or it detects lightning, then the icon switches to real time data.

Now i’m confused. Shows it the real time data of my Tempest (temperature, clouds, wind, UV) or is forecast ? How can I see, that is switched to real time ?

What I was trying to say is that icon with the cloud and the sun, taken from the forecast, changes to a cloud with rain as soon as the unit detects rain. The other values in the top part like solar radiation, temperature and wind are always real-time values from your station.


Click the icon of the Tempest in the upper right hand corner of the page and you can see the real-time data to compare, if you wish.