What do the icons mean?

What do the tempest and cloud icon mean? Looks like same data.

Screen 1 (left) - the icon is the Tempest. Screen 2 (right) - the icon is the Hub.
Screen 1 is providing a summary of data along with forecast based on machine learning and artificial intelligence… Screen 2 is providing more detailed data and appears to be more real-time.

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Another difference that I have noticed, after a quick comparison, is that Screen 2 data has more precision and is updated in real time. As near as I could determine, Screen 1 needs to be refreshed to get updated data (but, that is based on a quick observation … I guess I could be wrong).

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screen 1 is a confusing mixture of predicted and real time data, screen 2 is the real time data, with as an option a forecast (but presented in a way that it clearly is a forecast)

The way I think about it is that when I want to see what the Tempest values are … I click the ‘Tempest icon/link’ (as seen in your left image), which takes me to the values displayed in the right display.
And vice versa the cloudy icon/link takes me to the screen on the left which forecasts clouds etc.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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Overall this is a great question and demonstrates the need for wiki page or online documentation. Understanding how to use the Tempest or understanding the UI is like driving a car with no map

no, actually it just shows how badly designed the gui is. A good gui should be very intuitive, clear, and shouldn’t need any explanation.

@sunny I’m in agreement about the UI leaves a lot to be desired. I cringe every time I look at it.

And on the topic of forecasts here…
If i add the forecast card to the realtime data screen (the tempest screen) it is close to but not the same as the more detailed forecast page… so are they supposed to be the same? Is only one the local enhanced data set?

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As for UI - i do like the tempest page and that clicking in to any sensor gives me a dynamic chart/plot.
I just wish i understood the two pages’s purposes better.


one is forecast-centric with current conditions, one is data-centric

The old app did not have the forecast-centric page, only the card view page. The forecast card is a hold over from the old app and may still be using DarkSky data but will soon be using the same informattion as the forecast page does. The card view also updates in real time whereas the forecast page does not, at least not right now.


Thanks @gizmoev - that makes sense.
Although im very curious to know how much better (or worse) my hyperlocal adjusted forecast may be, i think i may turn the forecast card off so as not to confuse myself… i can always compare to weather.com, windy and nws forecasts through independent apps (as is my usual ritual anyways)


The hyperlocal adjustments are still improving so they should get better over time. It will be interesting to see how they compare to the other sources and what actually happened.

Do we know where the adjustments are made? Is it on our hubs or WF servers?

Since it is a forecast it is on the WF servers. The hub and Tempest don’t have the processing power to forecast.