Artwork displaying WeatherFlow data

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share my work using my WeatherFlow Tempest’s API: for years my dad has wanted a nice display on the wall to see the weather and has not been impressed by standard weather stations. So, I started creating a line of connected products displaying weather data live while looking like art work…

Here is the first of its kind.
Let me know what you think!
If you’re interested in one, I’m thinking into producing more, just ask!


Hi Arnaud

Can you explain a little how it works ?
Also for international selling, you’d better use W instead the O since this is typical french .

Hi Eric,
Thanks for your interest.
It will of course be translated: not only the wind direction needs to be modified but also the text for “average” and “gusts”. I’m planning on having a few languages supported.

How it works:
First, the data is retrieved from my Tempest through the API. It is then analyzed by some python code currently running on a Raspberry Pi 0W embedded in the frame. The code is actually flexible and I have more data sources configurable than the WeatherFlow API.

The python code gets the wind direction, wind gust speed, and average speed. Some math is then applied to round the direction to the right branch of the wind rose. Gusts and average speeds are displayed from South to North in: under 5kmph, between 5-10kmph, 10-25kmph, etc… The 8 slowest speeds are green lights, then orange and the 2 top ones are red. A legend is in the back of the frame and could be also printed on the front if desired. This would be transformed in mph, meter/s, knot, … at user’s choice.

I also created a PCB to connect all the LEDs and the Raspberry Pi. I’m working on a next version, much simpler, lighter, and easier to produce in volume.

Let me know if you’d like one or if you’d like another frame to be produced/designed!