Batteries hot to the touch (solved)

Greetings, I am a new user. Not sure if this is a Weatherflow question or a battery question. I’ve had the Air up and running for a couple weeks and was using standard batteries until I could get lithium. Today, I put in the lithium batteries and quickly noticed the temperature reading was overstated by roughly 25 degrees. Thought perhaps that was a calibration thing with new batteries and was waiting it out. After several hours, I opened up the Air to put back in the standard batteries as a test and was surprised to find the lithium batteries were physically hot to the touch, as in almost too hot to even handle. Now running again with the standard batteries and the temperature reading is heading back where it belongs. I opened up the Sky which I fired up today with lithium batteries to see if there was an issue there but that one is fine. Anyone any thoughts?

Hi, and welcome to the community. There’s nothing about lithium batteries that would cause them to run hot as far as I know. Is it possible one of the lithiums was inserted backwards?


Pretty sure not backwards but I’m not perfect. I’m assuming the Air wouldn’t work at all with less than the required voltage if one was backwards, right?

Actually, the AIR will continue to function down to about 1.9V, so even if one of the 4 batteries is reversed, it’ll still operate for a while (with the reversed battery acting like a resistor). The same sort of thing can happen if one of your batteries is dead.

If you start with fresh ultimate lithium batteries, you’re certain the orientation is correct and the AIR is still “running hot” - then there could be something wrong with your AIR. Let us know what you find!

Ok. I swapped out the standard batteries for a different set of lithium and was very cognizant of battery orientation. Been running now for several hours and readings are “normal.” Either got a bad battery in the original mix or I am absolutely willing to admit I had one in the wrong way but looking good now. Thank you for the quick response! Happy to say I am the first weatherfow station on the island of Molokai.

Regards and Mahalo from Hawaii


Congrats and Mahalo! Let us know if you have any more battery issues!