Battery Voltage Graphing Error?

Just noticed that my graph of the battery voltage showed the charge increasing from 2.39V to 2.57V in about 45 minutes. I was taking hand written notes to monitor charging performance. 7:50am 2.39V.
8:43am 2.41V. 12:07pm 2.47V

Graph shows something altogether different. I had seen a report of getting a full battery charge in about 45 minutes and thought it odd, but did not think more about it until I observed the same thing.
Something is amiss.

just to make it clear, your measurement you wrote down at 8:43 is 2.41V and the graph shows something like 2.6 V at that time? That’s weird.

Exactly… this is the second time I have noticed this behavior. If you look back just a little ways in the Charging thread you will see someone else post a similar graph. At the time I took that at face value and was envious. Now I believe it to be in error.

Is the graph the same if you look in an app on a mobile device?

Had to check. Graphing is the same whether on web page or app.

Thanks for the report @hartsock.dana. We are diving in and taking a closer look at the data. I’ll let you know what we find.

@hartsock.dana Is the data correct if you zoom in on the graph so that you are looking at the 1 minute observations? If the plus sign button in the zoom controls is grayed out you will know that you are zoomed all the way in and looking at the 1 min data.

I am afraid that data is no longer available on the graph. My situation is abnormal to put it mildly.Too many trees to charge Tempest in situ. I have to dismount if from its mast and take it to work with me. It then sits all day in the sun in our outdoor break area. The next time I charge it I will capture that data. Sorry.

Curious. Does it make a difference? The graph showed most of the charging done in less than an hour, but hand written observations show the charging taking hours.

@hartsock.dana Zooming in to view the 1-minute data on the graph just makes it so we are comparing apples to apples and makes things a bit easier to debug.

Also, very good to know that you bring the station in to work to charge. We noticed that there was a short gap in the data on 9/3 before the battery voltage jumped. Do you bring your hub into the office with you as well? Is the hub connected to WiFi while at the office or are you getting the data via BLE?

I do bring in hub with me, and use Bluetooth. For some reason I have not been able to make it work with wifi so far.

Had a break while I waited for a new hub. the original jumped off a shelf and broke.

Data collected today:

Time Voltage Watts/msquared
08:30 2.46 114
09:30 2.48 302
10:26 2.51 487
12:15 2.55 528
14:17 2.58 610
17:15 2.61 264

As an aside, this charging performance is the best I have seen with the solar radiation on the order of 50% lower than other charging cycles this summer.

The charts do not reflect my readings during the day.

The charts from today are below: