Voltage dropped to .2 volts and then recharged itself

@dsj This is really strange. The voltage shows 0.20 volts.


Thanks, Gary. Brian @weather34 noticed the same thing recently. Battery voltage is only sampled every 10 minutes and it looks like the sample is failing sometimes. We’ll get it on the issue list and fix it up soon.


I had one too. It dropped to 0V, I think. Not a big deal but hopefully this helps with debug.
Zoomed in to the same time to show other downward blips:



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Mysterious low battery measurements

will be a problem as one is public and one is limited to the testers … will be home tomorrow evening, easier to see what can be done

I do see these still, had a dozen readings of 0.02 volts from the sky on Friday.

I just check my database and found readings of 0.0X on November 18, 12, 10, 5 and 4.

So it’s still an issue.