Tempest update time changed

My tempest went from updating ever 60 seconds to every 300 seconds. I checked the data stream and the 5th data point changed from 60 to 44 on Jan 20 during am time. I’ve never seen this happen before.
My battery levels have been well below 2.4v for a long time now but was still updating. Station: 22962

Sounds like it’s backing off as expected as your voltage drops toward it going offline completely.

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It must have dropped below 2.355V

Power Save Modes

Mode 0: Voltage ≥ 2.455

  • All sensors enabled and operating at full performance

Mode 1: Voltage ≤ 2.415 from Mode 0 or ≥ 2.41 from Mode 2

  • Wind sampling interval set to 6 seconds

Mode 2: Voltage ≤ 2.39 from Mode 1 or ≥ 2.375 from Mode 3

  • Wind sampling interval set to one minute

Mode 3: Voltage ≤ 2.355

  • Wind sampling set to 5 minutes
  • All other sensors’ sampling interval set to 5 minutes
  • Lightning sensor disabled
  • Haptic Rain sensor disabled

Makes sense. I assumed it was batt related since the FW version had not changed. Thanks!
I guess offline is where we will have to go.

Looking at your data I have a feeling it isn’t charging as it should with the solar radiation I see. Bit uneven but largely enough to keep it at least level.
Today according your weather forecast you should have a sunny day, if it gets direct sun on the panels long enough it should go up slightly or at least no go down anymore.

Days are getting longer and if you don’t get 1 full week of rain it should hold.
If later today, you are sure it saw direct sun and it did go lower, open a support ticket and ask if they can have a finer look at the charging versus solar radiation … my guess if going worse , it doesn’t charge correctly.