Solar Panel: 9 min voltage drop (non-issue)

Hi there,

I installed the Sky solar panel two days ago. Yesterday I was surprised to see a 9 min drop to 0.09 V. Other sensors are not missing any data for that period, so I speculate it was limited to the voltage sensor malfunctioning. Any ideas?



That is perfectly normal. Voltage is measured once every 10 minutes and it’s the lowest priority. That means it’s not always accurate.


Yep you see a nice dropout there … it missed the train to the server … but as you can see about 10 minutes later it is all ok. But this was just the one measurement you lost there, if you look at other metrics, they are most probably ok and don’t show the gap.

Happens to all of us from time to time …


@GaryFunk & @eric

Many thanks for your responses. Good to know it’s a non-issue.